Sequence Stratigraphy and other topics (April 28 & 30)

During the last of this course we traditionally cover topics of our choice. If we have time, we will talk about the Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington and related topics, including the famous jökulhlaups. There is a good story here as well about a persistent and ingenious geologist named J Harlen Bretz.

We may finish the course with a look at the incredible Snowball Earth Hypothesis. It is supported by evidence we can examine with your new sed-strat skills, and the counter-arguments are also relatively easy to grasp.

We’ll discuss your final exam, including the content, format and timing.

New Oxford Conglomerate (Triassic) of York County, Pennsylvania. Collected by Dr. Shelley Judge. (Click to enlarge.)

Geology in the News –

When methane hydrates are in the news, it is rarely good. The warming of the Arctic with the epic thawing of permafrost, is already producing thermal feedback and massive expenses.

The extraordinary decline of air pollution in India during this COVID-19 crisis is just one example of how natural systems are recovering quickly as we humans dramatically diminish our activities.

Check out this photo of a glacial ice cave in Iceland. Fantastic.

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